Interview: Jordan Andrew – New Release “Big Room Sound”

Interview: Jordan Andrew – New Release “Big Room Sound”

Jordan Andrew is a 16 year old DJ and Producer based out of the New York/ New Jersey area. Jordan’s career began in 2009 when he started airing a series of mixes on the internet. It didn’t take Jordan long to see success with his work. Over time his originals earned him #1 slots on SoundCloud as he gained support from some of the biggest names in the industry. Even at such a young age Jordan has had opportunities to play for some of the biggest audiences in New York and New Jersey. At the age of 13 Jordan played at Pacha, NYC. At that age this was an unheard of achievement . In 2012 Jordan opened Zesty Records, a record label signing local and international artists. The label took off with a debut release of “Zesty,” an original track by Jordan. “Zesty” became a U.S. and Australian sensation for its ground breaking new style of music. In 2013 “Jordan Andrew” became a house hold name, reaching over 42,000 followers on Instagram. Later releases like “Girlfriend” and “Fux with It” became tracks that left people screaming across the globe. With upcoming tours and bookings across the globe, 2014 is Jordan’s year. Jordan has played at Pacha NYC, Chill Nightclub, Nash Event Center, Junction 46, and Welmont Theater. He has opened for R3hab at Pacha NYC, Disco Fries at Welmont Theater and Dash Berlin on eshock radio.

For anyone who wants to see Jordan in action he will be live streaming on www.djjordanandrew.com from 9-12:30 p.m. tonight and at 12 midnight he will be releasing Big Room Sound!

EDL: When and where was the best crowd you have every played for?
Jordan: The biggest crowd I have played for was with the Hyperglow Tour, at the Wellmont Theatre last month! It was one of the craziest shows I have played so far!

EDL: You are releasing your newest track tonight “Big Room Sound.” Is this your best track so far?
Jordan: I definitely believe so! This track combines an insane amount of different genres and everything blends really well. The making of this track really evolved my sound and it is definitely the most creative production I have worked on!

EDL: Is there any particular DJ or DJs that you have looked up to since the beginning?
Jordan: This question is always tough, but I would have to say Zedd! His music is always up to par and he never fails me with his work! He put’s an insane amount of time into his productions and they always turn out just right!

EDL: What was going through your head once you reached #1 slots on Sound Cloud?
Jordan: It was really insane! That whole network blew up for me a while back, and at the time I didn’t even realize the success I was seeing! I remember wondering one day what the rankings were for Electro House and there I was at #1!

EDL: If you had to pick 3 favorite tracks of all times what would they be?
Jordan: 1. Pon De Floor – Major Lazer (Original Mix)
2. Leaving You – Audien (Original Mix)
3. Weekends!!! – Skrillex (Zedd Remix)

EDL: You have a strong presence in Australia. How did that evolve?
Jordan: It mainly involved working with the Melbourne sound! My most recent live sets and even some originals have that bounce present in it. I can’t get enough of that style and the presence it brings. This sound originated in Australia and when I started releasing originals and playing these songs live, it was definitely note worthy! Videos of my tracks get played there on a nightly basis, which is unreal to see!

EDL: If you could play in any major city or venue right now where would it be?
Jordan: Any where in Miami. I love Miami.

EDL: Any big moves coming up for your record label, Zesty Records?
Jordan: Yes! We are working on establishing a contract with a big distribution company so our music will hit all the stores soon! We have been hearing demos from all over the world, so we’re super excited to get our favorite records signed!

EDL: Describe your sound in 3 words or less.
Jordan: Love, Sex, Magic


March 20th, 2014

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