EDM is Not Dancing Alone

EDM is Not Dancing Alone

EDM or electronic dance music, music with machine made beats that are mixed and remixed by DJs worldwide, may be a bit too much for some with the million beats per minute but more so than ever, it’s worth a listen now. The feeling that is gravitated from not only the music but the surrounding ambiance created by multiple components. Because of this, people who live for EDM will tell you it’s not about buying or downloading the songs, it’s about being there.

Currently, the largest EDM promoter in the United States is Insomniac, selling more than a million tickets last year and had 300,000 people raging to electronic dance music at their largest 3 day festival. Just next month alone, Insomniac will be providing us with more than 40 events from Sydney to the United States. These aren’t just underground events that you find in holes in the wall, these are massive events held within hangars.

Yes, EDM may melt your ears but this is what our generation is. This is what we live for. Electronic dance music has been around for decades but with it’s involvement now, it’s like how rock ‘n’ roll told us about boomers – EDM will tell you about the Millennials and Generation Z (born from the mid-1990s on). Why is it so popular now when it has been in existence forever? Mainstream involvement has been born, which is growing the credentials of the industry day by day while increasing the industry’s net worth.

Everyone has probably heard of David Guetta at this point. Las Vegas, where there used to be billboards of Sinatra all over the place have now been replaced by Guetta. He was also awarded favorite artist in the newly created category of electronic dance music at last year’s American Music Awards. The crazy part is, his $13.5 million a year puts him at number 4 on the list for the highest grossing DJs in the world. The Dutch-born phenomenon, Tiesto, is at number 1 with $22 million a year. All this and more over the years has created an estimated $4 billion industry which we have all grown to love and live by.

Today’s EDM isn’t just about listening to sets. It focuses on the events and the life that revolves around these events that makes electronic dance music the viral spreading genre that it is today. Being music that you can’t listen to alone will only grow EDM to something that we have never seen before within a global environment. The best is yet to come.


February 7th, 2013

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