Careers in the World of EDM

Careers in the World of EDM

If you are a motivated and professional individual with a passion for EDM, you most likely thought about having a career within the industry at least once, if not multiple times. Whether you want to be a producer/DJ, booking agent, promoter, club owner, writer/blogger, social media strategist or event coordinator just to name a few, there are many opportunities out there but many of them can be difficult to get started in.

One great way to start your career in the world of EDM is to get involved with a company when it’s relatively new and/or right before it’s about to take that next step in the business world and expand their horizon. An example of this would be if you started as a part-time promoter of the college you are attending and then 5 months later the company decides they want to build an entire team within that college. Since you have been there for 5 months already and have done well with it, you will be looked upon to help build that team and in turn will get more experience within the industry as well as paid more for your new role within the company. Another example would be if you joined a company as a part-time social media strategist to help out with one or two different accounts that they have to market their events and ultimately their brand. Months go by and the company sees how well you are doing and it just so happens that they have decided to grow their social media department and want someone to help manage certain aspects. Guess what, you are that person.

Yes those last two examples are very basic, straightforward and can be used for almost any company in any industry but we wanted to make it specific to the industry. This is actually exactly where Electronic Dance Life is in their journey to become a worldwide company within the industry of EDM. Currently, we are looking for an Agents in three major cities in the United States as well as promoters and writers/bloggers.

With possible partner companies in Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia, Electronic Dance Life has an extensive vision for the growth of their Zesty Music Festival, talent agency and record label, Zesty Records, so the sky is the limit and we are looking for those of you who want to join us on our journey to the top.

Visit our Career Portal for all of our current job openings. If you don’t see anything that interests you and/or think you have something else that you can bring to the table, feel free to email us at



July 17th, 2014

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