Jonny Law

Jonny Law
Birth name
John Shultz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Since the late 80s and early 90s, electronic music has been a staple in John’s life. He was first exposed by going to a rave on a whim in the Washington D.C. area. Once introduced to the likes of Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, and Josh Wink, it was soon after that electronic music became the love of his life.

John attended club after club and rave after rave, and still couldn’t get enough.

“I couldn’t believe that this many people could pack into one space and feel so many different emotions from listening to the same track.”

In the 90s, he hit the Philly dance scene with force and made sure he attended all the hottest events and immersed himself in all different genres. Drum and bass was his first love.

He was a fixture at 611 Records every weekend buying everything he could get his hands on, asking all kinds of silly questions regarding mixing and DJing. He thanks the people at 611 for helping a suburban kid understand the city life and culture.

“I remember going into 611 and having all the big boys in the Philly scene really helping me out. From Mike Panic to Sean Michaels to Nigel Richards, they really made an outside guy feel welcomed.”

But when John started going to Shampoo and Evolution, that’s when things started spinning.

“I can credit Adrock and Rob Lee for really getting me pulled in. Rob Lee completely changed the way I thought about house music and the way he played Saturday nights was second to none in Philly.”

Taking trips to NYC almost every weekend for Junior-Verse, The Tunnel, the Sound Factory and many other places, has hooked John for life. Look out for Jonny Law in 2014, as it should be an epic year  for production work and his general stance in the world of electronic music.